Forest At A Glance

Tamil Nadu is located in the southernmost State of the Indian peninsula is spread over 130,058, which constitutes 3.96 % of the area of the country. It lies between latitude 8°05’ and 13 ° 34’ North latitudes and 76 ° 14’ and 80 ° 21’ East longitudes.The Tamil Nadu State of Forest Report gives a detailed view of the health of the forest cover of the State based on the Forest Survey of India (FSI), India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2015 assessment. The State Tamil Nadu has a spectrum of nine major forest types ranging from wet evergreen forest to moist deciduous, dry deciduous, sholas, grass lands and scrub forest. The Western Ghats, the longest hill range in the State is one of the 25 global hotspots of bio-diversity and one of the three mega centers of endemism in India.


  • Forest Cover of the State as per 2017 assessment is 26,281 which is 20.21 percent of the Geographical Area (GA) of the State. 
  • Area under forest cover within recorded forest area is 17,581, forest cover outside recorded forest area is 8,700
  • Area under Very Dense Forest (VDF), Moderately Dense Forest (MDF) and Open Forest (OF) is 3672 (2.82% of GA), 10,979 (8.44% of GA) and 11,630 (8.94 % of GA) respectively.
  • Recorded Forest Area of the State as per 2017 assessment is 22,877 which is 17.59 percent of the Geographical Area (GA) of the State.
  • Tree cover of the State is 4,671
  • District-wise forest cover shows districts like Erode (2,307 sq. km.), Coimbatore (1,975 sq. km), Dindigul (1,876, Vellore (1,813 sq. km), The Nilgiris(1,719 and Dharmapuri (1,698 covers higher forest cover.
  • The forest and tree cover of the State now is 30,952 sq km which constitutes 23.80% of the total geographical area of the State. 

Recorded Forest Area in Tamil Nadu (As per ISFR 2017 assessment)

Recorded Forest Area

Reserved Forest

20,293 sq. km

Protected Forest

1,782 sq. km

Unclassed Forest

802 sq. km


22,877 sq. km

Of State’s Geographical Area


Of India’s Forest Area