1. Name of the Site Avalanchi
2. Name of District The Nilgiris
3. Name of Range / Division /
Udagai South / Nilgiris South / Coimbatore
4. Nearest Bus stand with distance Ooty (Udhagamandalam) – 25 Km
5. Nearest Railway Station with distance Metupalayam  - 50 Kms 
Ooty                   – 25 Kms  
6. Nearest Airport with distance Coimbatore – 115 Kms
7. Characteristics of the site Scenery Hills and Forests 
Landscape, Wildlife & Birds watching
8. Location 25 Kms from Ooty in Udagai South Range.
Nilgiris South Division
9. Best time to visit Morning to Evening – 10 A.M to 5.45 P.M
10 Facilities available
  • Two rest houses – one good old wooden & one Eco resort building.
  • Trekking Shed with twenty beds
  • 26 seated van
  • Eco Tour
11. Tourist Attraction
  • Places of historical interest 
  • Serena climate 
  • Spectacular scenes of Hills and
  • Picturesque landscape
  • Excitement of viewing Wildlife
  • Cauliflower shola
  • Bhavani Amman Temple
  • Lakkidi view point
12. Eco-Tourism Package The Vehicle starts from Avalanche and ends in Lakkadi. The intermediate places are Cauliflower Shola - Bhavani Amman
Temple - Upper Bhavani back water at Lakkadi.
The charges for the above trip are    Rs. 150/- per head. (ETMC Operated mini bus)
For Students Rs.75/- per head.
(ETMC Operated mini bus)
For Jeep operated by SHG Rs.1200/- per trip.
Out of Rs.1200, Rs.950 is goes to SHG (Tribals) and remaining Rs.250 goes to ETMC account.


There are three trips operated as follows,
10.00 a.m, 12.00 p.m, & 2.00 p.m

Travelling time takes 2 hours from avalanche to lakkadi and back.
13. Contact Information The Forest Range Officer, Udagai South Range, Ooty.
14. For Further Details The District Forest Officer, Nilgiris South Division.
Phone : 0423 – 2444083
E-mail : dfosouth-ooty@yahoo.com