Keelakarai village in Pachamalai Hills

1. Name of the Site Keelakarai village in Pachamalai Hills
2. Name of District Tiruchirappalli
3. Name of Range/Division/Circle Thuraiyur Range/Tiruchirappalli
Division/Tiruchirappalli Circle
4. Location Keelakarai village in Pachamalai Hills
5. Nearest Bus stand with distance Thuraiyur 35 Kms
6. Nearest Railway Station with distance Tiruchirappalli Railway Station with 85
7. Nearest Airport with distance Tiruchirappalli AirPort with 90 Kms
8. Characteristics of the site  Pachamalai Hill Station
9. Tourist Attraction [Places] Eco – Tourism Pachamalai Hills view, Waterfalls, Trekking Trials and Medicinal Gardens etc.,
10 Facilities available Rest House - Darmentary, Tree Top Model Gust House , Children Park  and
Kitchen etc., 
11. Visiting Hours [Holidays if any] 6.00 AM TO 5.30 PM
12. Eco-Tourism Package [Tariff] Two days
13. Transport facilities with charges Rs.40/- Thuraiyur to Pachamalai 
14. Lodgings/Rest houses/Food facilities with charges Gust House with food facilities @ Rs. 3000/- for 4 Nos.
15. For Further Details The District Forest Officer
Tiruchirappalli Division
Court campus,
Phone No. 0431-2414265
Forest Range Officer
Thuraiyur Range Cell No. 9443739995 email :