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Forestry involves vast database on human resource development, land based information, project related activities, products and services, research and extension and public utilities.  The use of Information Technology has come to play a vital role in planning, management and monitoring in forestry sector.  The IT wing of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department makes the best use of computer hardware and software to assist forestry activities. In order to speed up the administrative function through data collection, storage and dissemination activities, Tamil Nadu Forest Department has been computerized upto the level of Ranges, which are the basic unit of administrative set up.  IT utility has been taken up to the level of basic unit of administrative set up of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department.

GIS is an excellent tool for the proper assessment, planning and management of forest resources. The IT wing of TNFD is in the forefront as far as use of Geographical Information Science is concerned. The personnel in the Tamil Nadu Forest Department get hands-on-training in computer operation, techniques of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) through the State-of-Art computer centres in Tamil Nadu Forest Academy, Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu Forestry Training College, Vaigai Dam. With the collaboration of Forest Survey of India, Dehradun and National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad, satellite and other relevant data are obtained, analysed and results arrived at which are largely utilized for the management of forests.


Management Information System is one of the branches of the Information Technology Wing and is maintained by the MIS centre at the Head office at Chennai.  It has four main functions:

  • Computerization and maintenance
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Software development and maintenance
  • Video Conferencing

Computerization and maintenance

Office of PCCF in Chennai and other offices under control up to Range level have been computerized since 2001. Local Area Networking facility has been established at the Head office.  Servers are utilized for MIS / GIS related software.  Besides, a software with two main modules FMAS and GIS has been installed and are being run. 

Website development and maintenance

A comprehensive website with elaborate details and illustrative examples has been hosted exclusively for Tamil Nadu Forest Department. Initially, the website was developed and launched in url: www.forests.tn.nic.in through National Informatics Centre by the year 2005.  In order to make TNFD website more interactive and useful to people, the TNFD website was redesigned with additional features like Quick loading of home page, Compatibility with major internet browsers / mobile devices having android / iOS, Secured Admin Portal with Content Management System. 

The website showcases various aspects of the department’s functioning, Policies, Laws i.e. Acts & Rules pertaining to TN Forest Department, Eco-tourism, Research & Education, etc. with relevant illustrations and FAQs.

      URL address:              www.forests.tn.gov.in

      E-mail address:           tnforest@tn.nic.in

Links are provided to other pertinent websites and recently a link was provided in our website www.forests.tn.gov.in to facilitate the process of Online Registration and Application for the recruitment of Forester, Forest Guard / Forest Guard with Driving License / Forest Watcher through TNFUSRC. Online application on issuance of permits for Tree Felling and Tree Transit has been started under Ease Of Doing Business (EODB) to ensure transparency in this aspect as well as time-bound action by all concerned.

Software development and maintenance 

Tamil Nadu Forest Department has found its way ahead in utilization of Information Technology. Management Information System software with 5 modules has been developed as follows:

Module Name


Stores and Infrastructure Management System

The objectives of the Stores and Infrastructure Management System being a part of the integrated administrative system to automate stores and Infrastructure Management. This system has sub-modules for purchase and distribution of

  • Vehicles
  • Arms and ammunitions
  • Articles

Plantation Management System

This system is used to capture particulars of Social Forestry plantations raised, No. of survival, plantation maintenance cost and date of enumeration, height, girth and year of felling.  It has sub-modules for

  • New plantation
  • Annual Report
  • Sales Report

Natural Forest Management System

This system used to capture the details of natural forest plantations including database of forest vegetation types, forest cover, RF / RL details, Watershed details, natural calamities, etc. It has sub-modules for

  • Forest / Lease info
  • Diverted Land
  • CAMPA Land
  • Calamities

Forest Working Plan Management System

Working plans are prepared for management of natural forest areas for a period of ten years. Normally, a forest Division is the unit for preparation of Working Plan. The status of all the Working Plans and its prescriptions in respect of all the divisions will be monitored under this system. It has sub-modules for

  • Upload
  • Plan control Entry / Prescription / Report
  • Track status
  • Downloads  

Forest Vigilance Information System

This module is significant in the conservation of forests, especially with reference to the encroachment and fire protection issues. Monitoring of petitions related to protection issues from receipt of Tapal to completion after enquiry on the petition.  It has sub-modules for

  • Tapal management
  • Tapal tracking
  • Petition management
  • Petition tracking
  • Generate reports

Ease of Doing Business (EODB)

Online system for Tree felling and Tree transit was developed and made 'Go Live' in the existing TNFD website www.forests.tn.gov.in on 27.05.2019.  It's functions are as follows:

  • Tree felling
    • Felling and selling of sandalwood trees in private patta lands
    • Permission / Intimation for felling of red sanders, black wood, silver oak, rose wood and teak trees in private lands
  • Tree transit
    • Property mark registration and issue of transit permits for Non-exempt trees other than Red Sanders Trees / Timber
    • Property mark registration and issue of transit permits for Red Sanders Trees/ Timber

Video Conferencing

A Multi-point / Concurrent Video conferencing system facility was established both at head office and circles on 04.05.2015. This facility has been established at 24 locations in the State during 2015-16 and the same has already commenced working to connect with Head office and vice versa.  During 2018-19, this facility has been extended to 20 more locations in the State bring almost all divisions under its ambit.



Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Information Technology),

Office of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, 

No.1 Jeenis Salai, Saidapet, 

Chennai - 600 015. INDIA 

Ph: +91 - 44 -24335572 / 24312185 

Email : tnforest@tn.nic.in