1. Name of the Site Sasthakoil
2. Name of District Virudhunagar
3. Name of Range/ Division/
Rajapalayam range / Srivilliputhur Wildlife
Division/ Virudhunagar Circle
4. Location Sasthakoil is located 24 km away from Rajapalayam town. 
5. Nearest Bus stand with distance Rajapalayam, 24 Km
6. Nearest Railway station with distance Rajapalayam, 24 Km
7. Nearest Airport with distance Madurai, 96 Km
8. Characteristics of the site
  • This site is located inside the sanctuary
  • Seasonal river named as nagariyar river flowing in the site. It is also called as Sasthakoil falls by the local people.
  • Very old idols of Ayyappas diety in present in a open space in the site. It is believed as family god for local people.
  • Presence of Deciduous forest at lower elevation.Reverline forest along stream and semi evergreen forest at higher elevations.
  • One watch tower is existing in the site. 
  • One Anti-poaching Shed is existing near temporary Check post. 
9. Tourist Attraction (Places) Nanjadai Thavirthuliya Swamy temple
  • Nanjadai Thavirthuliya Swamy temple was constructed by King  Pandiyas and  it is at  3 km from Sasthakoil site outside of the sanctuary.. 
  • This temple is a very famous temple in the surroundings.
Ayyanar temple
  • Ayyanarkoil temple is very popular temple in this area. 
  • It is located 34 Km away from this site. 
  • It is extended site of the Sasthakoil Eco Tourism site in Rajapalayam range
10. Facilities available
  • Trekking facilities are available on                amount of Rs. 250/ head collected for   
            4 km Trekking Sasthakoil to  
  • Mobile toilet facilities are available 
7. One Antipoaching shed. Now it has improved as Antipoaching shed cum interpredation center.
  • One Eco hut is erected during 2015-16
  • One watch tower 
  • Eco guides 
11. Visiting Hours (Holidays if any)          Visitors are allowed Saturday,   Sundays and public holidays
12 Eco - Tourism package (Tariff)
As per Sasthakoil Eco tourism
Micro Plan 
Sl.No Time Place
1 8.00 AM Rajapalayam bus stand or
Railway station
2 9.00 AM Koviloor ETMC village
3. 9.30 AM Devathanam Murugan temple
4 10.00 AM Nachadai thavirtharuliya
Swamy temple
5 10.30 AM 200 years old Ilupai tree
    6 11.00 AM Medicated Tea (Separate fee to ETMC)
    7 11.30 AM Forest Check Post
    8 12.30 PM Interpredation centre visit
    9 1.30 PM Lunch (Separate fee to
    10 2.30 PM Watch tower visit
    11 3.00 PM to
4.00 PM
Sasthakoil to
Mamarathukeni  4 km
trekking (Separate fee to
    12 4.00 PM to
4.30 PM
Nature bath
    13 4.30 PM Medicated Tea  (Separate fee to ETMC)
    14 5.15 PM Return to Rajapalayam
13. Transport facilities with charges A 27 seater van provided by TBGP scheme utilized for this purpose.
Rs. 2500/ trip charged from Rajapalayam to Sasthakoil Up and down.
Rs. 10/ head charged from Sasthakoil checkpost to Sasthakoil.
14. Lodging/Rest houses/Food facilities with charges Food facilities available by Koviloor SHG.Rs.
60/ head charged from ETMC 
15. For Further Details The Wildlife Warden
Division: Srivilliputhur Wildlife division
Phone: 04564260565,  Cell No:  9445468474