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The Tamil Nadu Forest Department is providing the following Online Services in this Web Portal:

  1. Permission for Felling and Selling of Sandal Wood Tree(s) grown in Patta (Private) Land and Revenue Land.
  2. Prior intimation for Felling of Red sanders, Black wood, Silver oak, Rose wood (Outside the Notified Forests under various Acts/Rules in Tamil Nadu) and Teak trees grown in Patta (Private) Land and Revenue Land.
  3. Property Mark Registration/Renewal and issue of Transit Permit Permission for Non-Exempt Trees Species other than Red Sanders Tree(s)/ Timber.
  4. Property Mark Registration/Renewal and issue of Transit Permit Permission for Red Sanders Tree(s)/Timber.


  1. If the area in which the trees are to be felled falls under Private Forest or Hill Area as per the Tamil Nadu Preservation of Private Forest Act, 1949 or the Tamil Nadu Hill Area (Preservation of Trees) Act, 1955, the applicant should approach the concerned District Collector ( Chairman of the District Committee) for getting Permission/Approval.
  2. If the area is a Reserved Forest/ Reserved Land/ Protected Area (Sanctuary, National Park or Conservation Reserve), the felling of trees would be part of the process for diversion of forest land as per the Forest (Conservation) Act 1980. The NOC for felling of trees in these areas is issued by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) and can be obtained from its website (www.forestclearance.nic.in). In such cases, the issue of NOC for tree felling by Tamil Nadu Forest Department separately does not arise.
  3. For felling of trees in all other areas (in Private Patta Land and Revenue Land), other than those mentioned in (i) and (ii), the applications are invited in this portal for the above services.

Online Applications Dashboard

Name of Service Applications Received Applications Processed
Tree Felling - Sandalwood 53 8
Tree Felling - Other than Sandal 2412 1803
Tree Transit - Red Sanders 109 34
Tree Transit - Non-Exempt Tree Species 814 455
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